Emiliano Espino

Emiliano Espino

Arizona State University

Member since: 2019

I first got involved with Mountain Park Health Center when the organization hosted College Night at the Maryvale Clinic. I got the opportunity to present about my financial aid that evening. I loved the people I presented it to and wanted to continue working with Mountain Park to improve the community. I grew up in Maryvale and have seen the disparities firsthand.

I have a lot of knowledge of what the healthcare system looks like for kids from low-income families, especially those living with chronic conditions. I am pre-diabetic and have thyroid conditions myself and I know it can be hard to find an affordable, quality healthcare provider. I want to make an impact on the healthcare system. My hope is that Mountain Park can provide everyone a comprehensive prevention program that focuses on healthy eating and education for high school students while improving literacy to prevent healthcare barriers.

Family is huge to me and I like to spend as much time with them as possible. I also love music and going to concerts.