Tritia Pusateri, MD

Board Certified I grew up in California where my mom was a pediatrician. I always wanted to follow in her footsteps. In fact, most of my family is in healthcare, so I always had a lot of exposure to the field, and found that I love taking care of kids. At Mountain Park I like that we have multiple departments in the … Read More

Nailah Cooper, MD

EducationUniversity of New Mexico, School of Medicine ResidencyLoma Linda University ClinicMaryvale I grew up in an urban neighborhood in Oklahoma City. As a child I wanted to be both a doctor and a pilot – a flying doctor. It’s the mystery of medicine paired with being able to help people that really kept me interested in pursuing a career in … Read More

Richa Duggal, MD

Board Certified EducationKasturba Medical College ResidencyUniversity of Tennessee College of Medicine ClinicMaryvale As a pediatrician, it’s a delight to watch children grow, and deeply rewarding to walk with families as they mature. I enjoy working at Mountain Park because everyone here loves what they do and patient care is their first priority. I’ve lived in Phoenix for more than 10 … Read More

Chika Ugorji, MD

Board Certified Even though I was born in Connecticut, I mostly grew up in Nigeria. Both of my parents are Nigerian. Before moving to Arizona, I lived and worked in New York and Florida. My mom is a doctor and experiencing my mom at work encouraged me to become a doctor too. Being Nigerian and American helps me to understand … Read More

William Van Arsdell, MD

Board Certified My ancestors immigrated to Ohio, and after growing up in Columbus, my parents and I were the first American generations in my family to leave the state. I always wanted to be a physician because I wanted to be able to provide medical care to the people who really needed it. The personal reward of working directly with … Read More

Jake Barnard, DO

Growing up, all I wanted to do was play ball. All through school I played football, baseball, and basketball. I still really enjoy sports and play any time I have a chance. When I went to ASU, I ended up working at a pediatric clinic. That’s when I really got interested in medicine. I realized how much I enjoyed helping … Read More

Joanna Andujar, MD

I grew up in New York City with my mom, who was a single parent. Although my mom was a chef and I also completed culinary school, I was pulled more toward medicine so I studied to become a doctor. I was always sick as a child, suffering from asthma and eczema. I spent too much time in the hospital, … Read More