Daniel Tinlin, MD

Education University of Arizona Clinic Maryvale

Tritia Pusateri, MD

Board Certified Education Ross University School of Medicine Dominican Republic Residency Maimonides Medical Center Brooklyn, NY Clinic Baseline I grew up in California where my mom was a pediatrician. I always wanted to follow in her footsteps. In fact, most of my family is in healthcare, so I always had a lot of exposure to the field, and found that I … Read More

Rene Bartos, MD

Board Certified Education University of Michigan John C. Hopkins University Residency University of Arizona Clinic Baseline

Nailah Cooper, MD

EducationUniversity of New Mexico, School of MedicineResidencyLoma Linda UniversityClinicMaryvaleI grew up in an urban neighborhood in Oklahoma City. As a child I wanted to be both a doctor and a pilot – a flying doctor. It’s the mystery of medicine paired with being able to help people that really kept me interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. When I … Read More

Richa Duggal, MD

Board CertifiedEducationKasturba Medical CollegeResidencyUniversity of Tennessee College of MedicineClinicMaryvaleAs a pediatrician, it’s a delight to watch children grow, and deeply rewarding to walk with families as they mature.I enjoy working at Mountain Park because everyone here loves what they do and patient care is their first priority.I’ve lived in Phoenix for more than 10 years now. I am married and … Read More

Cindy Duke, MD

Education UC San Diego SKaggs School of Pharmacy Clinic Maryvale

William Van Arsdell, MD

Board Certified Education University of Rochester Johns Hopkins University Residency University of Colorado Boston Children’s Hospital University of Rochester Clinic Gateway My ancestors immigrated to Ohio, and after growing up in Columbus, my parents and I were the first American generations in my family to leave the state. I always wanted to be a physician because I wanted to be … Read More

Jake Barnard, DO

Education Arizona State University Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine Residency Madigan Army Medical Center Clinic Tempe Growing up, all I wanted to do was play ball. All through school I played football, baseball, and basketball. I still really enjoy sports and play any time I have a chance. When I went to ASU, I ended up working at a pediatric … Read More

Kirsten D’Hemecourt, MD

Education St. George’s University Clinic Maryvale

Joanna Andujar, MD

Education St. George’s University School of Medicine State University at Albany, Albany, NY Residency Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Clinic Maryvale I grew up in New York City with my mom, who was a single parent. Although my mom was a chef and I also completed culinary school, I was pulled more toward medicine so I studied to become a … Read More