Hagop Bekelian

Education Midwestern University Clinic Baseline

Kevin Darcy (PRN)

Education Midwestern University Clinic Baseline

Manal Hammoud, PharmD

Education Clinic Maryvale

Julie Nguyen, PharmD

Education Midwestern University Clinic Baseline

Rajal Patel, PharmD

Education: Arizona Western College University of Arizona Clinic Maryvale I moved here from India in the 11th grade, where I was already focusing on my future career. Starting in high school I always wanted to be a pharmacist. I loved science, but did not want to be a doctor. My brother, parents and grandparents live in Arizona. Most of my family … Read More

Stacy Minji Park, PharmD

EducationMidwestern UniversityClinicBaselineMy main goal is to help people eliminate barriers and stay healthy. I was born in South Korea, moved to Argentina when I was 12, and then to Los Angeles in high school. As an immigrant I can relate to so many of our patients. English is not my first language, so I understand what it’s like not being … Read More

Khanh Nguyen, PharmD

EducationUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesClinicMaryvaleI grew up in Vietnam. When my family and I moved to the U.S., my father suffered from asthma. He had to take so many medications, but somehow his condition was getting worse. Witnessing this, I started to wonder if he was taking the prescribed medicine correctly, and if he was getting the best medical care. This is … Read More

Marisol Ibarra, PharmD

EducationTouro College of PharmacyClinicBaselineAs a child growing up in Texas, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I loved animals and knew I wanted to help them. As I got older I had to help my mom deal with her health issues,  often acting as a translator since she didn’t speak English. That’s when I realized that I wanted to get … Read More

Jade Hoang, PharmD

Board Certified Education:University of California Midwestern University Clinic Baseline My parents used to take me to the local pharmacy to get help from the pharmacist, so ever since then I wanted to become a pharmacist. I like the interaction with patients, and I love to help them understand their health so they can follow their regimens. At Mountain Park, I … Read More

Xia Sun, PharmD

Education University of Arizona College of Pharmacy Clinic Maryvale